Why we can say Made in Britain

As an engineering company we have grown from two people to nearly 30 staff in less than 18years and unique amongst our Three main competitors who ship, nearly exclusively, finished machines from all over the world to the end customer.  WE DO NOT.

As a growing engineering company, we are the biggest employer of the four companies by a factor of 2 at least.  We have a production unit with British engineers with 40 plus years experience in each of our two main customer industries, leather and gasket.

Here we produce custom build machines, we also build stock machines and recondition existing machines.  Our staff were nearly all employed by a previous agent for leather machinery, when this company’s focus changed and downsized we started.  With this comes experience going back 40 years in the leather industry alone. Our other main area of expertise away from leather is the Gasket Industry with 50 knife cutting systems installed in the British Gasket & Oil industries, and with other models of our machines such as CNC die cutting presses and full beam die cutting presses taking the number of installations to well over 100 machines and systems installed and serviced across the UK.

The ATOM Die Cutting Presses and ATOM Knife Cutting tables have become the industry standard for fast, accurate and reliable gasket production, all backed up by our UK based experienced aftersales site engineers, using British produced and sourced parts.

In addition about five years ago we started making own range, with only the castings imported from other countries, near enough the  entire assembly is done here in the UK.

All our spare parts where possible are sourced through UK distributors, even though we are aware that it may be cheaper to get from other sources in Europe or machine manufacturers, but we prefer that our money goes through British companies also.

Many of the existing ‘Made in Britain’ members have our machines and we provide their after sales service, and likewise we have purchased machines from other ‘Made in Britain’ members.


Units 25 & 29 Francis Court
Norris Way
Rushden Northants
NN10 6AY
TEL: +44 (0)1933 359359
FAX: +44 (0)1933 359399