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Customised & Flexible Machine Moving

We recognise that all customers, your machines and companies are individual in the way they are put together and work. Every system move is approached fresh and individually, so that you get the best service at the best price.

We even offer delivery, installation and moving of smaller machines such as swing beams, splitting machines, skiving machines and small knife cutting machines with our own service vehicles and heavy trailer systems.*

Recently we have installed machines into domestic and small units, using our own transport allowing us to reverse the machine up the customer’s driveway, unload with our collapsible crane and then pallet truck into position, this not only keeps costs way down but also is very practical for tight and small access areas.

* Swing Beams SE8 only, Flashcut FC222 & FC888 only and selected splitting machine models.

Can You Move My Machine?

As well as being experts at moving our own ATOM range of cutting machines and systems we can also move many other makes and models of machines, below is a list of machinery we can move, not only just including our own but generally by type:

  • Swing Beam Die Cutting Presses (Clickers) *
  • Travelling Head Die Cutting Presses *
  • CNC Travelling Head Die Cutting Presses *
  • Full Beam Die Cutting Presses *
  • Full Beam Receding Head Die Cutting Presses *
  • High Tonnage PL Die Cutting Presses *
  • Knife Cutting Systems *
  • WaterJet Cutting Systems *
  • Splitting Machinery *
  • Skiving Machines *
  • Slitting Machinery *
  • Shoe Manufacturing Machinery *
  • Leather Manufacturing Machines *

* Please note if the machine manufacture is not ATOM then we cannot guarantee the level of operator training we can offer systems with cnc and/ or software control, e.g. waterjet cutting systems, knife cutting systems and cnc travelling head cutting presses. Contact us today to discuss further.