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ATOM have been producing quality splitting machines in a variety of sizes, models and specifications for many years, however we now feel that we have taken these as far as we can, and so in an effort to concentrate on the cutting of the material ATOM has now ‘joined’ forces with CAMOGA of Milan, Italy.

By doing this we can now offer a greater range of splitting machines, we will still to continue to back up with parts and service the original ATOM units whilst offering the same great service on the new range.

Cutting Systems UK Ltd, is also able to offer a full spares backup right from the oldest and most faithful models up to current day models. We also offer full site service, from technical assistance and breakdown to preventative schedules.

We offer a full range of Splitting Blades which can be found HERE


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Compact for Belts

Camoga machines are designed and manufactured according to our Three core principles:

Accuracy and Quality of the materials used, also the production process undertaken in the manufacturing of each single component in order to guarantee excellence in the performance.

Ergonomic’s and Flexibility, in operating and maintaining our machines in order to increase productivity, limiting idle time and reducing operational costs. Costs are reduced is such ways as less working stress for operators, reduced machine stops for maintenance and band knife substitution also fast switching between settings.

Reliability and Solid Build, of not only single components, but complete machines. This has provided our customers with highly reliable and consistent machines, which have produced leather components not just over many years, but decades. We still have machines working to a high quality that are over 25years old.

The constant search for improvement through technical innovations (with several patents), along with a special attention to the smallest details are the “secrets” of our achievements … fortunately this is not the case for many of the imitations.-

Contact Us to discuss your individual splitting requirement, we will be more than happy to help you choose the right machine for your application.