Knife Cutting in the UK

Below shows our most popular models of the ATOM Knife Cutting Tables.  Our dedicated Knife Cutting table engineers David & Gareth have been working and installing on these since near enough the very first ones were ever made, with over 60 Flash & Flex Cuts currently installed in the UK in the last 8 years mainly in the heavy Gasket & Leather industries we think this shows why the ATOM Knife Cutting Table is the most popular in the world.

With this many in the UK alone it speaks for itself the quality of the machine and service you get from ATOM.


Gasket Cutting with FlexCut Models 1515 and 3020


Installed in a growing independent gasket cutting company in Summer 2012, Cutting Systems UK Ltd also supplied and installed the compressor system with the knife cutting table as this was the first machine of this type for the customer. The ATOM 1515s is a compact yet highly versatile machine, especially for specialist ‘jobbing’ shops whereby small quantities and quick turnarounds are required, with a 1550mm x 1550mm cutting area this machine is ideal for all normal non-asbestos sealing materials.

The customer has since also ordered and had install a second larger ATOM Knife Table to compliment this and allow them to cut an even greater range of materials and also a larger range of gasket, a ATOM FlexCut 3020s which is  also the preferred model of one of the largest gasket cutting and material manufacturing companies Klinger Ltd.



Leather Cutting with FlexCut 888 Series M25

atom-flexcut-888-series-m25-1This series of the ATOM knife cutting table is specifically designed for the leather industry and particularly the heavy end of it with its brute strength.

The cutting area is only upto 1000mm deep as for the shoe and saddlery industries particularly the pieces of cow used are not any bigger, so why waste space and money. The cutting bed is also ‘tipped’ towards the operator to allow the great skill of ‘grading’, meaning the lumps, bumps and scars from the cow wondering through a steel fence or scratching itself against a particularly good tree can be seen and marked out digitally. Once marked out digitally the automatic nesting system will nest around these marks according to the operators preset quality levels.


Automotive & Foam Packaging with FlexCut HD


atom-flexcut-1515sThe HD standing for ‘High Daylight’ (not High Definition) is just like our normal FlexCut machines but with the added bonus of being able to take foam upto 130mm in thickness.
This means this machine is ideal for cutting packaging materials, with 8 of these currently in the UK cutting foam for packaging, automotive, sound insulation and many more other applications this gives the ability to cut a wide range of soft materials.

The machine shown here is a FlashCut (currently having a blade change) has a 1550mm x 1550mm x 100mm cutting area, this is available in many size formats, although the most popular being the FlexCut 3015sHD (1550mm x 3050mm x 130mm ) as this takes a full standard foam sheet, optional lubricator allows the blade to be cooled when cutting close cell style foams and similar.



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